Do you want to start a business on a low budget but can get you high earnings? Farmface lets you do a franchise model business that upholds a novel concept of procuring quality farm-fresh vegetables, meat, fish or dairy products from farmers and supplying them directly to customers at reasonable rates.

When you purchase vegetables or fruits from a local supermarket, are you sure they are fresh enough or even edible for that matter? There is no way you would know the source of the products either. At farm face, you get to know the farmer and his harvest.

When a consumer places an order using FarmFace, it reveals the name and other details of the farmer to the consumer, prompting a sense of responsibility in the farmer to ensure the quality and freshness of his products. This also convinces the consumer as he knows the source and he has a touchpoint to report grievances.

FarmFace as the name depicts tries to bring out the identity of the farmers along with their products. We, at FarmFace, believe that it is important to let people know of the farmer who has taken utmost care in serving organic and safe to eat farm products to customers at very reasonable price.

A highly networked FarmFace supply chain through Franchisees ensures delivery of fresh farm products to the end customers based on demand. Procurement based on demand helps us reduce wastage considerably.

FarmFace has set the below goals,

Farm Face Benefits

Ensure better revenue and recognition for the farmers

Deliver organic and safe to eat farm products to the customers

Empower small scale business opportunities through FarmFace franchisees.

We wish to widen our network to include a maximum number of farmers and customers with a core objective to make sure no yield of farming is wasted due to lack of demand or supply.

We offer online and offline shopping opportunities to meet the best of your requirements. We look forward to connecting you to the hands that work for you in the field.